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Alianza de Estudiantes Dreamers recibe premio

The Student Dreamers Alliance is Awarded The Mcnulty Prize Catalyst Fund At The Aspen Institute.

Escrito el 24 Jul 2018
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Greenville, SC, July 12, 2018 –– The Student Dreamers Alliance, a program of the Hispanic Alliance of
South Carolina, has been selected as an inaugural recipient of the McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund, a new fund at the Aspen Institute, created to support innovative social ventures around the world at vital inflection points.
The John P. McNulty Prize, with the Aspen Global Leadership Network, honors high-integrity, entrepreneurial
leaders working to address intractable global challenges. This year, the McNulty Foundation has launched the
Catalyst Fund to amplify this impact, providing unrestricted support to grow exceptional and promising ventures led
by Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellows.
The Student DREAMers Alliance (SDA) was launched in 2016 under the leadership of Adela Mendoza, Executive
Director of the Hispanic Alliance, and a member of Liberty Fellowship and the Aspen Global Leadership Network.
The SDA is an unprecedented youth leadership accelerator program designed to empower and magnify voices within
immigrant student communities, to increase awareness of education inequity and to advocate for changes in
state legislation to provide for equal access to public, post-secondary education for all youth.
Adela explains, “South Carolina is one of two states in the US, along with Alabama, that bans undocumented
students from enrolling in public colleges, regardless of their ability to pay for tuition, and one of six that prevents
DACA students from accessing in-state tuition and financial aid. We can’t build a prosperous society if we limit
opportunity for select groups. Since its inception, the Hispanic Alliance has advocated for equal access for all people.
The creation of SDA reflects an evolution in our approach to catalyze systemic change.
It is the first strategy towards a broader goal to develop the next generation of inclusive, high-integrity leaders with diverse perspectives, able to elevate the voices of underrepresented populations in South Carolina and the US.” Thus far, SDA has empowered 43 high school leaders, and it is preparing to select its third class while expanding
to additional schools. The support of the McNulty Foundation will provide this organization with an unprecedented
platform to broaden and deepen its impact.
The recipients will be celebrated alongside the announcement of the 2018 McNulty Prize Laureates, and participate in an interview with Darren Walker on July 25 at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum in Aspen, Colorado. The event will be streamed live: agln.aspeninstitute.org/live.
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