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Business Language- Lenguaje de Negocios #8

Escrito el 04 May 2018
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In these past lessons we have learned the mental part in learning a new language for some and how to overcome this. Once you overcome this barrier learning the lessons becomes easier to conquer.
We went over the benefits of learning a new language and how helpful it can be for your memorization skills. In business we
all know continuous learning is a key to success. The first lesson covers and identifies business vocabulary words.
The second lesson explains the difference in advertising between the Anglo and Latino markets and it tells you how to speak the culture. Yes you read right. Lesson 2 tells you how to understand the culture in business in order to do business the right way.
In this lesson we covered vocabulary words dealing with promoting and advertising.
Once you get past the fear and excuses of learning a new language you are now open and at ease to flow through the lessons. In the lessons we explained what to know about a Latino and what not to assume. A first impression is always very important.
Statistics state that when communicating 80% is body language, 20% tone and 10% the actual language. This would explain
why Latinos love to move their hands a lot and are perceived as very energetic and party culture.
We touched different subjects on how to meet a Latino and what some of the Latino cultures, like to eat and do on their everyday lives. This allows us to see how similar then yet how different each Latino is. Not all Latinos eat spicy food. Not all
Latinos speak Spanish. Getting to know Latinos and their culture will facilitate the process in meeting and greeting a Latino. Finally when you know more about a Latino it is easier to establish a relationship and close the cultural gap with the Latino
market by making them your clients.
Review Mota vocabulary words Aprender, Reacción, Negocios, Cultura Afro-Latina, Alegre, Variedad, Brasileños, Mexicanos, Cubanos, Peruanos, Promover, Periódico, Consulta, Referencia Personal, Confianza, Mundo Empresarial, Empresarios Careros Éxito, Práctica.
Fill in the blanks:
1. Para poder compartir con un Latino es bueno __________ sobre su cultura.
2. En él ___________ ________________ los Anglos y los Latinos piensan muy diferente.
3. Cuando un Latino mueve mucho las manos al hablar la __________ de la gente es seguir las manos con los ojos.
4. Para poder hablar un idioma muy bien es buena la ____________. Please visit www.latino4u.net to find the vocabulary and practice paragraph for this lesson.
5. Muchos Latinos tienen ______________ en West Columbia y la Decker Blvd.
6. El _________________ en un restaurante se ve cuando DHEC le da una A de grado.
7. Muchos países Latinos tienen _________ ______ __________ ya que los africanos también se establecieron en los países Latinos.
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