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Business Language “Lenguaje de Negocios”

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Learning a Second language stimulates your brain. As entrepreneurs we can never learn too much. There is constant learning in order to show growth and expertise in one’s area of businesses.
As we discussed in last week’s mini Spanish class, learning a new language is also used as a stress reliever and a way to prevent certain mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s.
Learning a second language helps your business grow because it allows doing business with that language’s business
market. For example, in this case you are learning Spanish therefore you are able to penetrate the fast growing Latino market.
For the next four weeks we will have a mini practice in this Latino Newspaper followed by Face book live on Saturday at 8:00 am for the students learning Spanish. Check us out at Face book: Mota Intellectual Svcs LLC. The second lesson is on dvertising for your business.
How to promote your business in the Latino business market! There are many ways to promote in the Latino market. One of the most common ways is through newspaper advertisement because in the Latino world people still read and look for the Latino Newspaper.
You can also use other media such as radio, TV and web. You need to evaluate ad cost to return on investment to make your choice of media. But newspaper is the most common aside from word of mouth. If Latinos like your work they will tell
others too.
Buena suerte en promover tu negocio en el mercado Latino! MIS VOCABULARY WORDS: Promover, consulta, periódico, asesórate, tarjetas de negocio, Estación, envía, pagina web, referencia-personal, Latino. Fill in the blanks using the vocabulary
1. En un negocio Latino
______________ es también una forma muy cultural de promover.
2. Para ________ de una manera muy exitosa es recomendable adquirir los servicios de un periódico _____________.
3.El __________Latino es el más reconocido en todo el estado y el más antiguo.
4.En un negocio es muy indispensable ______________ para ser más reconocidos y tener credibilidad para su negocio.
5.Otra forma de promover su negocio es por ____________. Todos los negocios necesitan esta página para poder dar a conocer su negocio.
6.Siempre _____________ con el Editor/dueño del periódico para ver qué manera es la mejor para promover tu negocio.
7.También una ___________ de radio local es una buena manera de promover tu negocio.
8.Ya que hallas consultado con el editor ahora ____________ tu información para ser publicada. Read the above paragraph and identify the MIS words. Please highlight the vocabulary words Write a sentence for each vocabulary word. Share your sentences via Face book live and I will read them back to you so that you can have the pronunciation.
Watch us live on Face book/MotaintellectualsvcsLLC every Saturday at 8:00 am to review lastweek’s practice and go over this week’s practice. Most importantly to listen to pronunciation and to practice! Vanesa Mota es CEO de Mota Intellectuall Svcs LLC. Visita www.motaintellectuallsvcs.com
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