City of Columbia engages with Latino Businesses.

40 per cent of minorities are Latinos and many Latino businesses

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The city of Columbia is realizing that 40 percent of minorities are Latino and just in the Metro area there are 35 store front Latino businesses not counting all the businesses registered. The city of Columbia has so many resources to offer amongst the resources are trainings, workshops, and or certifications.

The city of Columbia partnered up with Vanessa Mota bilingual business consultant and CEO of Mota Intellectual Services LLC to serve as the bridge for Anglo and Latino businesses and for them to crosslink and connect. Since a year ago more Latino businesses have been recruited by Mota to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops these being essential tools for growing a powerful business.

Mota has also been a guest speaker at minority business week and the Rotary club spotlight meeting in order to bring awareness on the Latino Business aspect of growing the states revenue. Tom Ledbetter the director at Midlands Tech expressed the following about Ms. Mota, “ I have found Mota

Intellectual services LLC to be professional, well informed, competent and very intent on serving their customers.”

“Latinos with businesses play a great part in our states revenue. Some businesses are run successfully on expertise and not so much on the administration of the business. With this said this would be an area our Latino business entrepreneurs need help,  expressed Vanessa Mota

Mota along side Carlos Barrera coordinated a small group named Empresarios 101, where the Latino businesses show the strength and impact they have when they come together and work as one. This group meets once a month and learn from each other with plans to improve any weaknesses in the Latino markets.

Mota sits at the board of directors for the Mayor’s Minority Business Council. This is where she serves as a bridge between the Latino and Anglo business communities. Any concerns, ideas and or feedback please feel free to contact Mota at (803) 220-6372 Email:
Vanesa Mota
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