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Closing the gap with the Latino market

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Once we understand Latinos are from many nationalities and we get to know more about their culture, we can establish a friendship and client relationship.
Most Latinos are very humble and welcoming. The belief is that where one family eats there is always room for more. Food is very important especially during business meetings.
Once you have a Latino trusting you, he will have his family in getting to know you and doing business with you.
From there it is a chain reaction you will see more and more Latinos coming to do business with you.
The main steps to close the gap between the Anglo and the Latino markets are learning how to meet, understand and culturally communicate with each other.
A most important fact is that Brazilians are Latinos even though they speak Portuguese. There are 5 Latino languages; Spanish Portuguese, French, Italian and Rumanian.
Another thing we must know is that Mexico is in North America while Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá are in Central America. Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina
and Chile are in South America.
By learning this you may be able to determine a few cultural differences. Mota vocabulario. Look for these words in the above paragraphs and highlight them: diferente, hablar, comunicar, nunca, aprender, reacción, negocios, amistad, relación, entender cultura conocer.
Write a sentence using each vocabulario word. Establishing a relationship with a Latino Lesson 7 Read the Vocabulario aloud in Column
1. Then read column 2. Match the letters with the numbers by drawing lines from one to the other. Lastly, put the letters in
the space next to the numbered items
1. Conoce ____ A. Different
2. Cultura ___ B. Learn
3. Entender ___ C. Get to know
4. Relacion ___ D. Speak
5. Amistad ___ E. understand
6. Negocis ____ F. culture
7. Reaccion ____ G. Relationship
8. Aprender ____ H. Friendship
9. Nunca ____ I. Reaction
10. Comunicar ____ J Business
11. Hablar ____ K. Learn
12. Diferente ____ L. Never
Vanessa Mota is CEO of Mota Enterprises LLC. Watch us Live Saturday at 9 am to over this lesson. Follow us live Mota Intellectual Svcs LLC. If you have any questions please contact us at Motasvcs@gmail.com.
Vanessa Mota, Mota Enterprises LLC
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