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Latinos and their culture.


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Let’s learn a little bit about a Mexico & Honduras in order to understand the cultural difference. When you know about a person’s culture, you tend to better understand them and realize similarities and it opens the opportunity to do business.
I have seen a gap between the Latinos and Anglos due to not understanding each other’s culture. Human nature is to distance ourselves instead of becoming closer.
Culture can make or break the business transaction. In West Columbia, I have witnessed how Anglo customers are not so attracted to some Latino businesses because of so many signs and propaganda all over the place. I have asked some of these Anglos and they some feel it is not sanitary or they are not used to seeing so much propaganda. This very big cultural difference because this is normal in Latino countries.
In the Midlands, the majority of Latinos are Mexican and Honduran.
Let’s concentrate on these for this lesson.
Mexicans: In Southeastern Mexico some people have African heritage. A lot of their culture is mixed with African
traditions but in the North, people and their culture is mixed with Spanish, French and Irish.
Honduras: People do not eat spicy food. A lot of their food is around sour cream, pork and cheese. Their typical dance and music is tropical and punta. They also have Afro and European heritage.
Now that you know a little something about these two different cultures it is time to have a conversation with your client and knowing the right questions to ask without assuming all Latinos are the same.
MOTA vocabulario words: Chile, costeñ, playa, baile, alegre, apariencia, Países Europeos, cultura Afro-Latina, variedad.
Vanessa Mota as CEO de Mota Intellectual Services.
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