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El Mes de la Herencia Hispana es una oportunidad para reconocer el liderato de líderes y heroes ejemplares en nuestra comunidad. Estos líderes trabajan sin cesar y sin egoísmo por la justicia social dando ejemplo a todos. Su Compasión y humildad los hace clase aparte y tenemos la fortuna de conocer a todos y cada uno de ellos. Estoa líderes Latinos nos hacen sentir orgullosos!

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Ivan Segura, born in Aguascalientes, Mexico, is the Executive Director of Palmetto Luna Arts—an organization promoting Latinx art and culture in South Carolina. After exploring several forms of art, he realized his calling as a writer and has since published several short stories and a collection of poems. When Ivan moved to the United States, he discovered that Latinx and Hispanic communities needed to be given more opportunities and a stronger voice, inspiring his work with Palmetto Luna Arts. He furthers these goals in Columbia, SC, where he lives with his wife, Amanda, and two daughters, who inspire his projects.

A graduate of the Riley Diversity Leadership Institute, he is also a board member of the S.C. Hispanic Leadership Council, a Vice President of the Council of Mexicans in the Carolinas, and an adviser to the Institute of Mexicans Abroad. Ivan leads by cultural example in his personal art endeavors as well. His work for the Visiones Fellowship with last year's Indie Grits festival in Columbia, SC, is titled "Mighty Latina." It features posters of young girls dressed in traditional costumes, striking powerful poses, beside bold text describing their future dreams. Ivan also works full-time as a job placement coordinator with Family Service Center, helping the community gain financial stability.

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