Iván segura dice, “Necesitamos voluntarios para realizar nuestro excitante calendario de programas.”

COLUMBIA, SC. “Este sera un verano muy excitante y divertido para Palmetto Luna Arts”, dice Iván Segura, director Ejecutivo de la organización que promueve el arte latino en el estado.
Como organización sin fines de lucro y sin empleados, Palmetto Luna Arts depende de voluntarios para realizar su misión y exponer el arte y descubir el talento de nuestra gente.
Segura dice, Necesitamos el apoyo de los voluntarios para realizar nuestra misión ya que para este verano tenemos un calendario lleno de proyectos que
deseamos compartir con la comunidad.”
Este verano Palmetto Luna Arts se propone desarrollar cinco excitates programas, Festival de 48 horas de Video Flash, IV Concurso de Poesia para Aficionados, Movimiento Poético, EL TRESome - a creative challenge, COLORES Concurso de Dibujo para Niños, un calendario agresivo pero divertido.
Para participar como voluntario se debe comunicar con Ivan Segura a o llamar al 803-606-1164. Para una descripción de los programas visita

Palmetto Luna Arts upcoming summer projects:
48 Hours Latino Video Flash Festival. 15 High School students will go through a brief education of film language and training of video production to produce 5, 3-5 minute video pieces using the topic of Immigration. Students have free creative reign to choose their style of video - whether PSA, music video, short narrative film, interviews, etc. 5 video production professionals (Betsy Newman - SCETV, Sherard Duvall - Nickelodeon Theatre, Alejandro Baez-Cyberwoven, & Two NBPC producers ) will be assigned to a groups of 3 students to help provide structure to their creative idea and guidance through the production & editing process of the group videos. The Flash Festival will occur between Friday afternoon through early Sunday evening, June 14th to 16th 2013.
IV Amateur Latino Poetry Contest. The participants must be Latino, amateur writers, and live in the state of South Carolina. There are two categories: Adults and under sixteen. All styles, forms and themes are acceptable. The poems are limited to two pages. The poems should be original and not previously published. The poets may write poems in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Launched on June 1 and dateline for submissions is July 15, 2013.
Poetry Movement/Movimiento Poético. An initiative to display poetic words across town by painting walls, leaving notes, side of the road messages, forgotten notebooks, post it notes, chalk on the pavement or whatever other medium that will allow us to provoke a reaction on the unsuspected reader. This initiative aims to bring the poetry out of books and notebooks by showing it to all types of readers at public places. Participants will be able to choose from well-known writers or to display their own amateur poetry.
EL TRESome -a creative challenge. El TRESome is a unique art experience involving three Latino artists coming together for ninety minutes to create three different perspectives of a common theme. During this challenge, the artists gather to choose a common theme, provide their input about the topic and then create an art piece in the allotted time (90 minutes). Participants have to follow the guidelines of the project, which are quite simple: Participants should discuss and decide on a topic; One a topic is decided, participant have the rest of the 90 minutes to produce their artistic contribution to EL TRESome; Materials can be presented separately or as a collective production.
COLORES Children's Drawing Contest Award's Ceremony. Winners of this year's contest have been selected and we have the awards ceremony at Edventure Children's Museum during the month of July. Winning drawings will be exhibited along with the winners from the three previous COLORES Children Drawing Contest. Awards ceremony will include a puppet show, story-telling and drawing workshop.

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