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Palmetto Luna Arts Artists at Tapp’s Art Center

Escrito el 02 Feb 2018
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Columbia, SC - Iván Segura of Palmetto Luna Arts said, “Join us at First Thursdays on Main Street as Laura Lesllo and Yelitza Diaz showcase their talents at Palmetto Luna Arts’ MakerSpace.
Lesllo and Diaz were selected as the
Artists in Residence for an upcoming
exhibit in April. This Thursday, you can see them at MakerSpace at Tapp's Art Center where they will be working on their art pieces. Everyone is welcome to see their progress and share experiences about the creative process. This is a great opportunity to have an intimate
conversation with the artists and a
first-hand look at some very unique art. Come to First Thursdays on Main Street this Thursday, March 1, 2017 from 6 to 9 PM at Tapp's Art Center, located on 1644 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201.
“We are very proud of our two Latina Artists in Residence” said Ivan Segura, Executive Director of Palmetto Luna Arts “Laura and Yelitza are very
talented and powerful Latina women. They are first generation immigrants and have managed to keep producing amazing art while experiencing the taxing process of adapting to new a new culture,
language and traditions”
The Artist in Residence program at Tapp’s Art Center, is envisioned as a unique opportunity for engagement between
artists who focus on site-specific
installation and the general public.
The interactive aspect of the Tapp’s Initiative furthers an understanding of contemporary art, modes of practice, and how visual language functions in
‘building’ culture, both locally and abroad.
About Laura Lesllo
Born in Mexico, Laura Lesllo obtained her artistic training at Guanajuato
University, Institute of Fine Arts, and
Academy of San Carlos under the
direction of the recognized art professors Luis Nishizawa and Benjamín
Domínguez. Laura has exhibited her
surreal paintings at diverse venues
including Tomás Chávez Morado
Museum and Museo Jesus Reyes
Heroles in Mexico and Sisters Cities Festival in Laredo, TX. Her art fights between fantasy and reality. She is in love with painting techniques that encourage her to play between colors and textures. She cannot choose the animal or the
human, maybe is the animal that is inside of us that drives her mad.
About Yelitza Diaz
Born in Venezuela, Yelitza Diaz’s life has been wrapped in the arts since childhood. She founded a gallery and was successful for many years until the crime and
corruption in the local government became unbearable. She lives now in South Carolina, where she makes art that explores human existentialism and the political and social developments of her native country.
She is passionate about the human figure and makes her sculptures with mixed media techniques, minimalist-contemporary styles, and a clear inclination for human existentialism. Her work aims to reflect the hopes and deepest thoughts of the human being.
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