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Provost Academy South Carolina Nearing 1,500 Students & More

Columbia, SC – Aug 3, 2010 -- “When parents are provided a quality choice for their children’s education, they choose the school best suited for their child to achieve academic success and prepare for the future,” said Dr. Darrell Johnson, Executive Director of Provost Academy. “From the positive response we continue to see in enrollment, the online education we offer is certainly a choice many parents and students are looking for in South Carolina.”
With weeks to go before classes begin, Provost Academy - South Carolina has already exceeded the 1,200 students who were enrolled last year, and rapidly nearing 1,500 and more enrolled students in its second year of operation.
Provost Academy is a state-authorized public online school that is free of charge to residents of South Carolina and offers high school students the public school choice of an engaging and adaptable online learning experience. Students work toward their regular public high school diploma, recognized by colleges and employers, as they would in a traditional school, but in their own home through computer-based educational programs.
“We have tremendous success because Provost Academy is about choice and matching individual students’ needs,” Dr. Johnson said. “We have removed the barrier of time, kids can learn 7/24, and they can do it anywhere they wish to. In addition, our students also benefit from the clubs and activities we have, just like a traditional school.”
Provost Academy has a National Honor Society Chapter, Yearbook Club, History Club, Book Club and Literature Magazine. The school held its first Graduation ceremony in June.
Lindsey Hickman, who will begin her second year at Provost Academy as a senior and member of the National Honor Society, says, “Provost Academy is very different — the kids really care. It is also all customized for me, so if I want to get up and do math at 8:30 in the morning, I can.”
Ashley Row, also a senior, said the online school environment has taught her self-discipline and prepared her for the real world better than a traditional high school would have. “The teachers are not going to beg you to do your work,” she said. “It really does get you ready for college and the real world, where someone is not going to be there reminding you what you have to do.”
“The experience these students have already had with online learning shows that some kids need more than what the current choices offer,” Dr. Johnson said. “One size does not fit all, and not every student learns in the same way and at the same speed.”
Provost Academy – South Carolina is currently enrolling students for the 2010-11 school year. Parents and students seeking more information about Provost Academy, and how to enroll should visit the Web site: www.sc.provostacademy.com, or call: 877-265-3195 toll free.

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