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The year of entrepreneurship.

Escrito el 16 Feb 2018
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Having a business has its ups and downs like everything else in life. As entrepreneurs it is very important to have perseverance in order to have a
successful business. In business as in life you face failures as well as
victories. When you face failure the important thing is to continue forward.
Success is not all about money.
Success in a business is being able to have a balance between work and life, setting priorities and organizing your time. During the next 12 months I will write about topics on beginning, operating, and running a successful business.
The most important components in order to have a strong business are having the following priorities in order;
administration plan, financial plan, expertise, essential tools for running a business, marketing plan, branding and the
importance of your social media profiles. Last but not least, learning what your business story is and who or what planted that seed that made you the entrepreneur you are today. All these will be covered on a monthly issue.
My goal is to see Latino entrepreneurs grow effectively because one thing for sure is that we work hard and have dreams of having our owncompanies. Anyone can open a company but it’s about getting past the first three years that is the challenge and it can be done if we equip ourselves with all the tools.
Stay tuned and read all about how we can grow our businesses to have core and gain all the credibility it needs in order for your business to have ten or more anniversaries.
Vanessa Mota is the CEO of Mota Intellectual Svcs. LLC and this April the business celebrates ten years of serving the Greater Columbia community.
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