Walking Through Entrepreneurship

Escrito el 16 Jul 2018
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Some people open a business and work it for years. They believe the harder they work as their own
employee, the more money they make.
An entrepreneur knows how to start a business and makes plans to grow it. Trusting others is difficult formost a business owners as is learnin and educating yourself as a business owner and developing your expertise.
Carolina Dubo, owner of OCD says, “I am very picky with cleaning, disinfecting and I am always searching
for the best products. I know educating yourself is the way to grow.”
Dubois commented, “To have a successful business and hardworking employees, it is crucial to pay them well and keep them happy and safe in order sothey help my company grow.” To grow and avoid working and micromanaging your business, you must also network, learning and connecting to future partners. This is sometimes very hard. “I have heard entrepreneurs say, what if the employees take my ideas, what if my employees don’t do the job as well as me because it is not their business?
Vanessa Mota, CEO Mota Enterprises LLC
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